Press Release
Michael Jarvis is a painter based in Newcastle upon Tyne, in England. He has had various solo and group exhibitions in the United Kingdom.

Michael’s practice is concerned with affirming the physical and material character of painting, particularly in the context of a dominant visual culture of digitally mediated images. Similar to the work of archaeology the artistic process has the potential to retrieve as well as uncover information. The painter can use the process to access those areas of the unconscious which are neglected in everyday life. The physicality of the painting procedure with its constant beginnings, dead-ends and repetitions can enable insights to occur which can access or ‘excavate’ the basic ideas which preoccupy the maker.

The individual ‘handwriting’ of the painter can become a vehicle for expressive action and reflection. The transference of materials like paint and crayon onto the surface is of critical importance as it is a tangible sign of the thinking and working process.

The drawings in the exhibition were made in response to the artist’s exploration of an old Jewish graveyard in Berlin. They are not literal depictions of the site of course, but rather a way to think about the various labyrinth of stones, tunnels and trails which run haphazardly around this site. Like the archeologist, the painter engages in a search for something which might be inaccessible or lost in order to impose a semblance of order onto a series of scattered fragments.

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